Alliance for Community Engagement – Climate and Health

The Alliance for Community Engagement – Climate and Health (ACE-CH) is a team effort within the broader NIH Climate Change and Health Initiative. Launched in March 2023, four  ACE-CH teams work alongside researchers and diverse communities to identify community priorities of interest. They aim to co-design strategies and solutions to promote health equity, environmental justice, and sustainable change in communities facing health disparities due to climate stressors.

There are five ACE-CH objectives:

  1. Support community-involved research to understand factors contributing to health inequities related to climate change.
  2. Measure the needs of affected communities across multiple areas (including but not limited to health).
  3. Determine community knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about the health impacts of climate change and the benefits of lessening and adapting to climate change.
  4. Identify, develop, and test effective community-engaged strategies to improve the adoption and use of climate-related health treatments or tools (such as early weather warning systems, disaster response and recovery, etc.).
  5. Build trust and strong partnerships with all interested parties that encourage climate-change adaptation and reduction, exchange knowledge, and improve awareness of local climate-change issues.